The AJ Bell National Badminton League, created and run by Badminton England, is the first professional national badminton league in the UK. The league made it is debut in 2014 and is now on its third season, bringing exciting new players and fans to the world of badminton.

The teams for the 2016/17 season of the AJ Bell NBL are:
Suffolk Saxons
Birmingham Lions
Team Derby
Loughborough Sport
University of Nottingham Sport Badminton
Surrey Smashers
Bristol Jets
With an exclusive Power-9 match-play format, unique scoring system and dynamic in-game features that makes sure every minute of the match matters, the AJ Bell NBL is a game-changing way to deliver badminton to a wider audience. The league showcases the best badminton players Great Britain has to offer, top European stars, emerging U21 young talent and home-grown hot prospects battling it out on court. 

The fastest racquet sport on the planet just got a whole lot faster.